Monday, March 19, 2007

Timewarp blogging

Yeh, I know that I said that I would post around Tuesday-ish but it seems that time just passed me by and here it is the following Monday and I'm only updating now. To say that life is hectic right now would be a HUGE understatement. This is what things look like in the village at the mo'...
* Hubby is booked off and at home and may be for some time yet. As we work together, this means that life at work is a little strange as everyone expects me to keep them up to date and I don't see it as my place to do so.
* On the work front the optimism has faded. Being turned down for flexible working, told that they won't pay towards my degree because it isn't beneficial to my current role (it is, but even if it wasn't, surely furthering my education is beneficial to my company?) and having to accept that I'll never get to explore any other opportunities due to my rather unique position (that nobody else wants) means that I'm having to try and figure out some other plan.
* This 'some other plan' is taking up far more of my time and attention than I anticipated.
* Preparing for the next 2 weeks - starting Wednesday - when my sisters return to South Africa and I get to be primary carer to the boys (I'm sure I'm going to love it, but that doesn't stop me from being very nervous).
* We all have colds - a minor ailment but trying nonetheless.

I have so many posts running around in my head, I just need to get a handle on things so that I can make head or tail of them.

I promise to be more consistent from Thursday as then I'll have some me time.



Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Turned down for flexible working? That's bad news. Have you explored all avenues? Lots of info here And with all that going on, I'm not surprised you're blogging lite. Lovely to read you, but it's not essential.

Elle said...

Amy! I've only just discovered that you're blogging here. I've had you on my blogline via Village Pig and was waiting to see an update. Obviously Bloglines isn't too reliable because you updated in February!

I'll go and toddle off and read the rest of double delight so I can catch up. Hope you feel better soon..