Monday, March 05, 2007

oohh ooohhh I remembered another funny moment!

(not sure if it is against the rules to post a second funny moment but it is so much funnier)

This morning the SO and I had both boys sitting on our bed with us. Nathan (the younger twin) is of course covered in chickenpox spots and he had been coughing on and off through the night. As the SO was spending the day at home with him, I asked him to keep and eye on the cough and that if it got any worse he was to call me and I would come home. At this point my 9 month old (eldest) son look up at me and gave me a deadpan *cough* *cough*!

Is it possible to have created an hypochondriac already?


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Eva said...

Very cute! My daughter (6 months) does these fake coughs and fake sneezes and now her twin brother has started trying them, too.