Friday, March 09, 2007

A roundup..

It has been a loooong week. I'm convinced that someone slipped an extra day in somewhere and it's not funny!

Here's a round-up of the week (because I'm tired and lacking in inspiration);
Monday - Truly horrible news that Sheldean Human's body had been found. A horrible story and my heart goes out to her parents. The day didn't improve and Nathan developed a really bad case of chicken pox.
Tuesday - No sleep. Nathan's chicken pox developed much faster and was far more serious than his brothers was. The poor child (and mum) slept not one bit.
Wednesday - The chicken pox doesn't let up. After a grueling days work, I returned home to a child with a raging temperature. Whilst feeding him an ice cube to bring his temp down I discovered that he has cut a tooth! Through the chicken pox my brave baby boy cut a tooth *bless*
Thursday - I was convinced it was Friday, all-day and nobody could convince me otherwise. Until that is, I woke up today and discovered that everyone was right and yesterday wasn't Friday but...
Friday - dawned and here I am with 2 hours left of the day. YAY! And Nathan returned to daycare this morning so everything is going back to normal. In as much as it can :-)

Roll on spring!


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