Monday, April 27, 2009

Teaching an old dog new tricks...

It isn't easy to admit being lazy but I can honestly say that I have laaazy genes. The RO and I were discussing our pre-baby selves the other day and we are astounded at the degree of laziness that we were capable of. Somehow we never seemed to have enough time to do anything of substance and yet we were childless for goodness sake!

It got me to thinking about the many hidden skills which we acquire as parents which we take for granted because we're really so busy that stopping and thinking about what we're accomplishing just isn't on the to-do list. I think that we undervalue ourselves and each other and I especially think that the childless haven't yet discovered the true depth of their own abilities. In an attempt to enlighten myself I would like to ask all of you what skills you think you have acquired since having kids/growing older. The ones which I have definitely honed are:

1) Being able to make all the beds, pick up all the washing and tidy every morning and still get to work on time. Before kids just getting to work was a chore in itself.
2) Being able to wash, iron, fold and pack away all the washing for 2 adults and 2 children. Before the boys came along Chris and I seldom washed clothing (when we did we almost always forgot that it was in the washing machine and many a load was ruined that way) and never ironed. There was even a terribly wasteful period when we worked on practically disposable clothing!
3) Cleaning the kitchen everyday. I have become particularly fussy about having a clean kitchen and am instantly in a bad mood the morning after and occasional slip when it hasn't been done the night before.
4) Gardening. I have always felt that gardening was a real chore. Since having the boys I find the time in the summer to mow the lawn once a week and love the half hour to myself.
5) De-cluttering!! Being a magpie by nature, this has been the hardest lesson I have had to teach myself and I am still not completely there yet but I am working on it.
6) Re-using/Recycling - I am a champ in both these areas, especially the re-using part.

You know the best thing about it is that for the first time I am proud of my accomplishments even though they're not what I expected to be proud of. I enjoy working on my home and garden and I love coming up with new tasks. It drives my hubby mad but it keeps me out of mischief ;-)

Go on, share your skills (and don't forget to link back or leave a comment when you do).



Anonymous said...

The biggest skill I've picked up as a parent is letting go of the small stuff and truly recognizing what the small stuff is. :)


Cassandra said...

I can't believe you iron the boys' clothes!

I used to have things somewhat under control but since being pregnant, lazy has taken on new meaning! You'll have to wait for the report on my skills until the babies arrive.

Parenthood For Me said...

It's amazing the things you can cram into a day when your time is precious. I also used to hate yard work but am now really looking forward to creating our gardens and planting veggies and fruit gardens to tend to with my son.

Mrs. Gamgee said...

There are days when I wonder if I will be able to handle being a parent for that very reason, but I know that when it happens those impulses just sort of kick in. I'm looking forward to the day that I can look back and laugh at my laziness :)


Fat Chick said...

I'm really banking on #1, because I'm always late for work....


Jill said...

not a parent yet, but that first paragraph is TOTALLY me and my Hubs :) Thank you for giving me hope that I will be able to get all of that stuff done if/when we have kids :)

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with Mrs Gamgee, I worry a lot about how we're going to handle things once I had to go back to work, good to see that it seems to come naturally!