Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday - Preparing for a night away

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Tomorrow night I have to be away on business, which means that my darling hubby has the fun task of being mum and dad while I am away. We are a 50/50 split kind of family so we would normally both tackle every night routine. As I won't be there (and will have to deal with my own guilty conscience) I always try to have as much prepared as possible[1].

So the Tackle it Tuesday plan is as follows:

4:50pm Fetch the boys from the child minder and go home
5:45pm Hubby baths the boys while I get their bottles and pj's ready. We each dress one and settle them for the night.
7:00pm(ish) Start dinner and cook enough to last 2 nights - fill 2 containers for dinnertime at the child minder.
7:30pm Look for outfits for both boys to span both days - hubby is perfectly capable of doing this but I try and make it as easy as I can

The rest of the night will be dedicated to eating, reading, tv and sleep :-)

Not very adventurous I know but it is how this Tuesday should pan out. Wednesday on the other hand will bring a 5 hour drive, a night in a hotel followed by an hour and a half worth of meeting on Thursday and another 5 hour drive back home Joy!.


[1] I was SO tempted to use the word pre-prepared but surely that is unnecessary? Isn't one pre enough?

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Carrie said...

Sounds intense! Are the boys getting to the age where they can entertain each other a little bit?

And I think pre-prepared would be over kill *nod*