Monday, March 31, 2008

A mama's confession

Motherhood has turned me into a cryer.

Before having children I was what my partner terms, and emotional savant i.e. I lived my emotional state through the medium of film rather than in real-life. I think that this is indicative of a generation which grew up with a television on the background all the time. Obviously generations before that (and now after) either didn't have one or recognised the danger in allowing it to be a main component in our children's lives. Any program or film which contained material pertaining to small children, animals or old people would prompt me to dissolve into a pile of sniffling, snotty tears. I remember a particular Hallmark advert wherein an old blind chap is sitting on a bus with his white cane at his side. As a bunch of school kids got on, one of them handed him a card. The viewer is obviously marvelling at the innocence of the youth in that the man was unable to read his card. He opens the envelope and opens the card and it suddenly plays the happy birthday tune. Every time I saw that ad I would have to leave the room or divert my attention before the end to save myself (and everyone else) from the embarrassment.

Having children hasn't removed this irrational reaction to cheesy tv but what it has done is given me a whole bunch of new instances where the waterworks get the better of me. I have suddenly realised that I am going to be that embarrassing mum who cries every time their kids do something new or well. You know, the one who stands at the gate and gushes over their childs latest accomplishment and can't help but brag over the newest achievement. It is the parent who used to annoy me the most, I wonder if karma has something to do with it?

I find myself marvelling at the most inane little things and although I know this is normal (and quite endearing in itself) it makes me cringe when I think of all the dehydration which awaits me :-).

I guess I should be thankful that I finally have a real live reason to be sentimental - after all, they're all mine (although I suspect hubby had something to do with it to) and they are the best (and cutest) kids ever!


So what is YOUR confession?



kewd said...

I never cried over things that most people do...sad movies and the like. Then I got pregnant, and I started crying over commercials. Now I am a mom and I cry over the news. What happened to me?

baby~amore' said...

I cry over the same stuff - I have always and my Dad is to blame .He would weep when stories of starving children when news items.
When I was pregnant I cried over kids in children's story book I was reading to my son - a happy bit.
Lets unite and form the the crying club.