Friday, March 14, 2008

Another week, another week-end...

So tonight marks the end of our lovely party and I must say it has been a smashing one! I have met so many lovely ladies that I am gonna have to negotiate a few extra hours in the day just to keep up :-). Not too much to say so I thought I'd do an overview of my week - feel free to do the same, especially if you're suffering from all the festivities!

The boys have been lovely this week, if very tiring. This toddler phase is a complete conundrum and I suspect that it is a phase created solely to test our patience as parents ;-). Earlier in the week someone posted a link to an article in which it claimed that extensive studies had found that parenting classes, books and techniques all had absolutely no affect on the behaviour which toddlers exhibit. Sadly the source has now disappeared from my memory and my web history so you'll have to just take my word for it and accept that tantrums are normal :-).

In a typically British turn of events, the abnormal weather held pride of place in the topics of conversation and on Tuesday morning I was astonished when I walked outside to complete carnage. The night had brought gale force winds and the slide had been blown right over. Not sure how we'll recover but trauma counselling is being considered for the whole family.

A colleague had an unfortunate run in with a pot handle and flame and was out of commission for the week which meant an unscheduled trip down South for me. My lovely hubby stepped up to the plate as usual and proved yet again that I am the luckiest mama alive cause my man, he be a keeper!

8 hours, 9 podcasts and a tank of diesel later I am home and ready for the week-end.

Tomorrow I am meeting up with another mama (she was born in the UK but spent 25 years in South Africa so we have a fair bit in common). We're taking the children to the local play zone (god bless those people, where would we be without organised play?) and grabbing a cup of coffee sometime in between.

Sorry folks, a senseless and pretty boring post all in all but at least there is one - have a lovely Friday and here's hoping spring arrives wherever you are (sorry Southern Hemisphere, I don't even want to think about Autumn right now).

Mama Big

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baby~amore' said...

oh what a trip that would have been - good on your 'keeper'. I have one of those too.
thank goodness for friends too and play zones ... we just discovered our local one and now the boys are old enough to enjoy it with out me on the tail.
I get to sit on mine instead.