Thursday, April 05, 2007

There is a god and boy is she funny!

Why else would this week be such a rollercoaster? Monday and Tuesday were awful - far harder than I have experienced for many months and I honestly couldn't see the light for the crap heap.

Yesterday we had our first meeting with our new director. Having been burned many times, I was reserving judgement until I had a clearer idea of what his intentions were. The meeting was pleasant, everyone contributed, plans were discussed, objectives set and I left feeling more upbeat than I thought possible. Until that is, today....

Today my boss called me in and essentially handed me all of my dreams on a plate. Flexible working so that I can spend an extra hour with my boys in the late afternoon, Wednesday afternoons off so that I can take them to the multiples club and swimming lessons AND the option to work from home should one of the rats for ill!

It's as if the sun has come out which it has, and it's Easter so 2 Fridays and 2 Saturdays! YAY for all of us.

Happy Easter everyone.



Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Great news!

Kelly W. said...

Amy, I'm so happy for you that everything worked out with your job! I can relate. I had the same issues when I first had my oldest son.

God is great, isn't She? :)

Kelly W.