Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday madness

I can't believe that it is the week-end already. This week has flown by and thankfully each day has improved both in weather and number of hours slept.

After 2 nights of drama with young Thomas, we finally seemed to crack the cycle of over-tiredness. I relented and cradled him to sleep on Wednesday and Thursday night instead of trying to get him to settle on his own. I gather that this was the best thing to do because both nights he (and as a result Nathan) slept right through till morning. We even had to 'wake' them up for their 10:30pm bottle! I am so relieved, I mean I know that we have had more sleep this week than we did in the first few months after the came home but I've been spoilt and I like my sleep dammit :-).

The boys are doing marvellously (is that even a word?) well. Nathan is ahead of the game in terms of teeth having cut his first one weeks ago and now he has a second. Thomas on the other hand has only recently cut through his first tooth however he seems oh so anxious to start walking. Nathan has perfected his crawl (if ever a baby was needed to use for a demonstration it would be him) and so he doesn't seem at all eager to change his mode of movement but Tommy has always preferred the less efficient but significantly quicker shuffle as it makes the transition from moving to sitting happen much faster. He seems to already be frustrated with this though and has over the past few days started pulling himself up to a standing position and then letting go so that he can balance on his own.

It really is quite funny because as soon as he realises that he is standing unsupported he panics and falls over (he usually cries too but there haven't been any bad accidents yet) but within minutes he is trying again. Nathan finds this all tremendously hilarious and I am just waiting for the moment that he starts putting obstacles in his brothers way :-)

I plan to do a big post over the week-end because I want to write about how different the boys are from one another (I know a long post AND over the week-end) so watch this space.


p.s thanks for the kind words re: my situation. Things are much better now and I'm looking forward to spending a lot more time with the boys over the coming months.

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Zinnia Cyclamen said...

So glad life's improving. Looking forward to finding out more about the boys.