Sunday, July 01, 2007

Multiple Round Robin - July Question

How do you deal with the challenges of sleep training multiples? How successful do you think that your strategy has been?

I have to admit that I'm being really selfish starting with this question because I desperately need to hear how the rest of you are doing this as my two are seriously testing our patience at the moment.

The first year was a breeze when compared to things right now especially once we introduced the following routine;

6:00pm Bath
6:20pm Dress and Bottle
6:40pm Bedtime story
7:00pm Settle them down to sleep

Generally this worked really well and we even managed to have a few nights where they slept through, for any new twin mums I strongly suggest that you try and introduce some kind of regular routine as soon as possible (even though they don't seem to take much notice of it in the first few months).

This last month has seen everything change though. Thomas is now being really headstrong and both boys seem to have decided that being in the cot = fun time! It is getting increasingly frustrating to try and get them to settle. The latest trick is for them to screech at each other just as they're about to fall asleep which starts off a whole new spate of awakeness. The last few nights it has taken us around 2 hours to settle the boys and I hate to admit it but I am fast losing all patience with it!

The only big difference is that both boys have had a bit of a cold and I'm wondering if part of the problem is that they may have an ear infection? I'd appreciate any advice in this area because neither of them have ever had one before so I don't know what the symptoms are.

Anyway, enough about me and mine, feel free (PLEASE!) to answer the question on your blog anytime during July and please link back here or leave a comment so that I can share in the love.



Stacie said...

This is basically my ongoing question. Right now I am keeping a sleep log to try and get a handle of what is going on, and it does seem to be getting better.

The Sleep Log

The Evening Routine

Stacie said...

Oh, and here's my post answering this. Well, as much as I can.

kim said...

Who knows, but this was our path to sleep...

PI said...

In my opinion and experience routine is all - but children won't always want to stick to it - especially if they are under the weather - then one has to be a little more flexible.
Otherwise not too much sleep during the day and plenty of exercise afterwards. NO excitement between supper and bed-time and a gradual winding down. It always amazes me when parents start playing stimulating games at bed-time - madness!
Re ear infection a child will rub his ear either with his hand or on his shoulder. If you have ny hints that he has an ear infection - don't delay - see the doctor. Better to put your mind a rest.
They are less likely to be lively if they have one incidentallly.

Jane said...

Here's my take on twin sleeping - more a litany of complaints than any useful pointers, I have to say.

Jane said...

maybe I should link that!
Twin Sleeping Issues - Fascinating, if you have Twins.