Friday, June 15, 2007

Twin questions - not answered but asked...

I am supposed to do an entry today just so that I am a bit more up to date but I can't, my brain is tired and my body is weary. Why? I hear all you interested parties ask, well you see my friends, my boys have decided to play tag team at night and we made the mistake of giving in a couple of times so now they think that sleeping with mum & dad is the norm.

The last 2 nights I have tried to take child duty as I am on leave for the next few days and Chris is back at work. The plan has been as follows....

Baby cries, mum reacts by finding dummy, laying baby down and returning to bed.... rinse and repeat until mum grows to weary. Pick up spare duvet and pillows and lie down in the nursery next to the cots so that my reaction time is quicker..... get some sleep.

As the boys had their boosters yesterday I expected some restlessness but they really had planned it well. Thomas was restless for the first half of the night (around 11pm until about 2am) and Nathan picked up where he left off at around 3am.

I guess we'll see how things go over the week-end but I'm a little confused about how to deal with this because we can't even take the cry-it-out option as they wake each other up. Leaving them both awake means that they never go to sleep because they try and out do each others crying.

I'm sure many of you have been in this position before, what did you do? What worked for you and what made things much worse?

Interested to know!



lesleysmeshly said...

At four months I took away the babies binkies (they were waking 12x a night for them). For the first few nights I seperated them so they wouldn't keep waking each other up all night. I slept one in the PNP in our room and the other in their crib. To this day if one has a bad night and wakes often and wakes the other I move one to our room in the PNP. This happens rarely, but sleep is precious and I don't want to fight with them all night.

Good luck!

Stacie said...

Other than "suffered" I have no answer. We have been reading (well, re-reading) through the No Cry Sleep Solution. Maybe that will have something useful for you too.