Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I am a bad, bad blogger... (and other random things)

and even apologising is getting tired so, I hereby commit to making a better contribution PLUS there is the whole Round Robin thing that I suggested and have handled miserably...

New rules for the Round Robin: we will do it on the last Friday of every month and I will send out all the questions in e-mail but will also try and figure out a way to keep them here so that any new questions which you would like to add can be. (something about the structure of the sentence is completely off but I can't figure out what it is). Hopefully this will mean that we all have far more preparation time and I will be able to keep up :-)

I'd also like to say thanks to all of you for wishing my boys happy birthday - one day they will be amazed by the wonderful messages from all over the globe!


p.s. I am horribly behind on reading all of you so PLEASE forgive me if I've missed something important!


lesleysmeshly said...

How do I go about getting added to the email list for your Round Robin? I would love to participate.


Claudia said...

Me too, me too! Round robin me, please!

Stacey said...

Me too for the round robin

SeaBird said...

Sign me up for the round robin! seabirdchronicles at yahoo dot com