Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The big What IF scenario!!

This is a biggie for me (and I suspect my husband, children and family) so I'm putting it out there in the hope that some of you can give me your opinions/experiences.

For a long time I have been harbouring a desire to donate my eggs. It sounds mad and the few people who I have broached the subject with (other than my very understanding hubby) have seriously poo-poo'd the idea.

A couple of weeks ago I was listening to talk radio (ugh! how middle aged of me huh?) and the topic came up and there were a few doctors from various clinics around the UK. They were saying that they're in crisis at present because there are so few donations taking place. There is some thought that the introduction of the 'Right to Know' campaign has had some affect as donors can no longer remain anonymous and so they're desperate for people to come forward.

I have sent off for the documentation and I have discussed it with my hubby and so it's just a matter of making a final decision. I suspect it isn't a pleasant experience and that it could be downright painful, but is that just a short term thing? I think it must be otherwise it wouldn't be requested in the manner that it is.

I think that the fact that I already have a family is a good thing as there is no chance that I can regret the decision later on the basis of my not being able to fall pregnant. Also, I can absolutely guarantee that we will not be trying for more - if anything we would try and adopt later once the boys are older.

So here is where you guys come in. What are your thoughts on egg donation? If you are all for it, what are your motivations? Would you benefit yourself and if so how long have you been waiting? If you are against or you have had a negative experience, please share it because I want to be entering into this with a clear idea of the pro's and cons if at all.

I look forward to hearing the opinions of my friends in the 'puter. You guys are the authority on these types of subjects so I bow to your experiences.


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Tertia said...

Please donate your eggs!!! Please please please! Egg donors are needed so badly, and you would be doing an absolutely wonderful thing for someone out there who is otherwise unable to have children.

Please please please! Please.