Monday, August 20, 2007

The not-so-blue Monday

This was going to be a loooooooong post about how hard it has been to have sick children (again!) and how tiiiiiiiiiired we all are but then I got to thinking... things aren't that bad. Sure the kids have been sick but they seem to be ok today and hopefully will continue to improve all week. We might have had a tough week-end but my in-laws made us sooo comfortable and always offer such support that it really was a nice change to see them (hello daddyK :-)).
So instead of moaning up a storm, here are a few things that I am ever thankful for:
* Having a supportive and caring husband who loves me back
* Two wonderful little boys who are endlessly entertaining if sometimes exhausting
* Having a warm house with lots of windows and space for clutter to accumulate
* Having a warm and caring family-in-law who always make us feel comfortable even when the pooch/child is pooping on the carpet
* Having a sister who loves her nephews enough to stay at home and look after them even if she doesn't get paid to do it
* Living in a country where my children have every opportunity to become great without it being a prerequisite to a better life
* Knowing that at the end of each month I will have earned some money to buy the things we need and sometimes even the things that we want

Gosh I find that I could go on but that would use up all my inspiration. What about you - what are you thankful for?



baby~amore' said...

I have to agree 100% ... on all of your wonderful bullet points.I could have written them myself

I am thankful for old and new friends to share life's journey with

for laughter

for freedom to do what we want (I mean good & legal things)

for good medical care

I could add more but it is your blog and your inspiration LOL

cheers BAM

Stacie said...

What a great post!

Today I am grateful that it isn't too hot, that Fiona's illness and rash were trivial, that my children are healthy. There coud be so many more. I should think about this for a later blog post of my own.