Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A friend IRL!

If I compare my life in the UK to my life in South Africa there are many differences. Some are obvious (marriage, children, weather) and some of them are only obvious to me like the lack of close, tangible friendships. If I am honest, it is one of the few things that I miss about South Africa (obviously I miss my family to but that is different) and I wish that I knew how to go about changing this sad state of affairs.

As a result I think that maybe I come across as being a bit desperate when I meet someone who I see as potential friend material. More than anything it is because I would like to fast forward through the awkward beginning phase and go straight to teasing, laughing, supporting, bonding stuff and I guess there aren't many people who agree.

A couple of days ago however, a new person started with our company and as she is one of my team members, I have been given the task of making sure that she is settled, introduced to everyone and just generally well inducted (is that a word??) and I have been very pleasently surprised by her. You see the thing is that she is French.... there I said it, will I feel the full fury of god now or later?) and we all know how most of the English feel about the French! I like her though. She is witty, sarcastic and best of all a new mum who doesn't feel strongly about any particular parenting technique, instead resorting to bribery wherever necessary.

I am hoping that this has the potential to become a real friendship because I really am late in the application process and I could definitely due with a friend in real life too!



MommyKnows said...

FRENCH ... you're not going let her near the children are you? Hehehe.

I kind of feel the same way re: the friend situation.

If I weren't in Canada, I'd invite you all around for coffee.

Stacie said...

I hear you on the whole friends thing. It's hard to find friends once you are out of school. I'd say more, but Fiona appears to be trying to eat a cord.

Kelly W. said...

My husband has known me to come home from dropping a child off at school or a practice and say to him "I want to be friends with that girl." I hear you. When a potential friend appears, you just know.

Florentine said...

That is the sweetest declaration that has been made to me since a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGG Time!
Yes I am the French (and blonde – what a combination!!) girl she is so nicely talking about – Is she drunk? ()!!
And believe it or not it is not because we are both desperate to make new friends (although we maybe are a little bit ()) that we see a friend in each other (yes Amy I would love you to be my friend as well!!) – Otherwise we would both have plenty of friends already!!! No: she is great, funny, straighforward, easygoing, someone you can really trust and I could go on! So yes, Amy, you have made my day!! And the day after as well - and we know how much I needed that! It is time for great, close, fun, strong, timeless friendship – and although my English is not great – my heart is doing the talking!
So let’s have a proper coffee soon (this WE?) to officially start our new frienship (could do with champagne instead if you want)!!!
But just to make sure...this was posted May 1st...have you not change your mind since then ???